Smoke vents

Smoke vents are one of the most important elements of a fire protection system. As an element of gravitational smoke exhaust, they allow the removal of harmful fumes and gases from the interior of the building, which are generated during a fire. They also facilitate efficient evacuation and extinguishing of fires, and allow minimizing the resulting material damage.

Under normal operating conditions, smoke vents can also perform functions such as interior lighting, ventilation or a roof access hatch.



Construction of smoke vents

Cross-sections of free-standing dampers-

Cross-section of the hatch built into the arc rooflight

Smoke vents offered by DWD BauTech are tested for compliance with the European standard PN-EN 12101-2 and Broof(t1) fire resistance tests.

From 2022, smoke dampers have an impact resistance class of SB1200.