End profile UP:

U-shaped polycarbonate profile is designed to enclose the ends of the panels and protect them from mechanical damage, debris and moisture. Due to such qualities as a high level of strength, hermetically sealed, moistureproof and cost effective U-shaped polycarbonate is widely used in industrial, urban, commercial and agricultural construction. It has good resistance to UV. Also the material is lightweight and flexible, due to this it is easy to install.



  • Connective unsplit profile HP

    H-shaped polycarbonate profile is a simple and affordable solution for the inconspicuous and reliable connecting polycarbonate sheets. Flexibility allows it to provide high quality connection in a variety of constructions. It is well fit for mono-pitched roofs, gable roofs and arch-shaped structures. Unsplit profile is used as a connector for roofs in terraces, greenhouses, office partitions, advertisement and light boxes.
  • Connective split profile НCP (base & cover)

    Profile HCP (base & cover) is the detachable component that is used for longitudinal connection of panels and their attachment to frame supports by self-cuts. HCP base is the lower part of the component and cover is the upper part. It is very convenient and set up process is extremely easy due to the form, lightweight and flexibility of split profile. Suitable for structures that have to keep warmth inside such as winter greenhouses.
  • Line trim profile FP

    The F-shaped polycarbonate profile is designed to close the ends multiwall sheets, and fasten the panels to the vertical structure. These profiles are resistant to UV radiation and moisture additional benefits are flexibility, tightness and light transmittance. It is used in the installation of canopies, awnings, greenhouses and other structures for joining polycarbonate sheets to the wall of the building.
  • Ridged profile RP

    Ridge profile is a unique product designed to hermetically connect two multiwall polycarbonate sheets in the ridge of translucent roof structures. Used to protect the ends of the panels from moisture and debris, as well harmoniously completes the structure and gives an esthetic finishing touch. Profiles leaves enough space for the panels expand and shrink when changing temperatures.
  • Angle profile FCP

    Angle profile FCP is used for angular connection of panels and makes the construction look complete and keep the esthetic look by covering edges. Angle profile also keeps insects and liquid away as well as prevents sheets from being damaged. Lightweight and flexibility allows easy installation. It is widely used in shower cabins, greenhouses, gazebos.
  • Thermowashers

    Thermowashers have a universal size and suitable for all sheet thicknesses and is very easy to use. Thermowashers of polycarbonate are safe and resistant to external influences and mechanical loads. Used for high-quality and durable connection of multiwall polycarbonate sheets to the frame, ensuring tightness and plasticity of the connection, as well as aesthetic appearance of the structure.

  • Perforated end tape

    Perforated end tape protects ends of downward directed polycarbonate sheets from damage, dust, water and insects. If any water stays on it, structure of perforated tape allows it to evaporate and disappear. Is used for pitched roofs and structures and helps with fixation of the end profile.
  • Sealing end tape

    Sealing end tape is applied to protect the ends of a downward pointed or horizontally aligned polycarbonate sheet. Effectively protects against moisture, debris, dust and insects. The tape is highly resistant to moisture and tensile. Used to tidy up the polycarbonate sheet ends when installing the end profile.


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