Rust Remover Gel – derusting gel

A strong mixture of fast-acting chemical structures, based on modified orthophosphoric acid, dissolving metal oxides. It is also used to remove dirt from cement mortars. The gel structure allows the preparation to be used on vertical surfaces.


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Technical data

Appearance liquid
Color Red
Smell characteristic
pH > 2.0
Boiling point, ºC around 90
Freezing point, ºC approx. 0
Flash-point incombustible
Vapor pressure at 20ºC no data
Density at 20ºC g/cm3 1.1 – 1.25
Solubility in water completely soluble


Directions for use

The surface should be cleaned of loose rust and dirt. Apply the preparation with a brush or roller, leave until the rust dissolves, then wash thoroughly with water and dry. For slightly rusty surfaces, the preparation should be left on the surface for 5-15 minutes, if there are already pits on the surface – rust removal may take several hours. If, after rinsing with water, the surface needs to be reapplied, it can be applied without drying it.


The product has an aggressive effect on some galvanic surfaces (strongly on galvanized surfaces). In the case of cleaning such items, it is necessary to act briefly and locally.

Before using the preparation, tests should be carried out on a small area each time.