Odilat RC300 is an agent designed to remove inorganic deposits from the surface of heating devices. The preparation includes organic acids and corrosion inhibitors. The preparation is supplied in liquid form as ready for use.


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Depending on the type of sludge and its composition, the theoretical demand for RADIATOR CLEANER is 5-7.5 liters per 1 kg of sludge in the installation. Since it is very often difficult to precisely determine the mass of sludge to be removed, it is recommended to use an appropriate excess of the preparation in the amount of 10 to 15 liters per 1 kg of sludge.


The effectiveness and duration of the process of removing deposits with RADIATOR CLEANER depends on many factors. The most important include:

  • type of sediment
  • temperature of the cleaning process
  • cleaning type (static, dynamic)

Type of sediment

Since the composition of the sludge (scale) depends on the quality of the water and the parameters of the heat exchange process (temperature, pressure, etc.), it is recommended that each time before cleaning, take samples of the sludge and carry out laboratory tests to determine the effectiveness of the RADIATOR CLEANER preparation and the cleaning conditions ( temperature, time, dissolution rate). An average linear carbonate removal rate of 0.24 cm/h can be assumed