Silpac Silicone Neutral S367

One-component, permanently elastic silicone sealing putty with a fungicide, with a neutral
curing system, intended for sealing in sanitary rooms


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– resistant to fungi and mold (contains a fungicide)
– high resistance to soap and detergents
– very good adhesion to smooth and porous substrates: glass, impregnated wood, metals, concrete,
plaster and similar mineral substrates, ceramics, etc.
– very good adhesive to many plastics (causes low stress)
– easy to form and smooth
– does not drip (semi-thick consistency)
– for external and internal use – resistant to UV radiation, water and corrosion
– almost odorless
– creates a permanently elastic, non-shrink, durable , tight joint
– chemically neutral (does not corrode metals and concrete)
– not suitable for aquariums


– seals in combination with PVC, polyacrylic, polyester, steel, aluminum, etc.
– general building seals requiring protection against the negative effects of
weather conditions
– filling gaps between the wall/plaster and wooden, metal, aluminum and PVC door frames
– external and internal sealing of joints between elements steel, wooden, concrete, etc.
– heating technique (e.g. sealing joints with glass in solar collectors)
– for natural stone, does not cause discoloration
– ventilation and air-conditioning technique (e.g. sealing ducts, central unit)
– cooling technique (e.g. sealing connectors in cold stores, truck cold stores, refrigerated counters)
– bonding of elements made of typical building materials such as: glass, ceramics, plastics, porcelain,
varnished wood, glazed, glazed, enameled surfaces, after priming also concrete, plaster,
drywall, etc.


– white, colorless, brown, grey: 600 ml packs (sausages)
Other colors on request.