Modern 360° applicator for use in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the rotating applicator head operating at different angles, it is possible to quickly and effectively perform finishing works that require silicone dosing from the bottom, top and side, e.g. under the windowsill. The functionality of the new solution has been confirmed in tests with professional contractors.


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Thanks to the 360° applicators, laying a tight and even joint in a hard-to-reach place is no longer a problem. The tip can be easily set at any angle relative to the cartridge and the plane on which the silicone is applied. The new angled applicator can be used in a traditional way or in hard-to-reach places where a regular applicator is not able to reach or where the application requires effort and uncomfortable body position. The movable applicator head rotates 360° for quick finishing work. The introduction of a rotating mechanism in the 360° Applicator also guarantees proper dosing and application of the optimal amount of material in the right place.