GENIUS Garage doors

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Gate is a very important element of the building. It should be solid, safe and matched with the building architecture. To fulfill all the expectations of the clients and deliver the product of the high quality, we treat every order individually.

SOMFY drive – is available in two versions Dexxo OPTIMO 800N RTS and Dexxo PRO 1000 RTS, which is dedicated for a gates with surface of 15m². The device allow on programming the strength of obstacle detection and also slowdown the opening and closing of a gate. There is always the possibility of retrofitting the drive with additional accessories, such as emergency power battery, photocells or additional remotes.

SOMMER drive – Universal drive for sectional gates SOMMER is available in two options A550 L and A 800 XL, with integrated LED lightning and two pilots for remote-control. There is also a possibility to install the set of battery, which will be providing continuous operating in case of lack of electricity. In standard, equipped with self-locking engine, which in case of a burglary resists in any position.