ALU Exclusive Line

Aluminum doors 95 mm thick, aluminum thermal threshold, overlay panel with excellent thermal insulation, decorative applications – lesenes made from stainless steel, strengthtened ceramic coating, quadruple glazing satinovo/float, multipoint lock AV3 with automatic locking, T bar handle, according to the model, interior door handle: rosette Inox, hidden hinges, door opening inward.

  • Aluminum doors 95 mm thick
  • Aluminum thermal threshold
  • Overlay panel with excellent thermal insulation.
  • Decorative applications – lesenes made from    stainless steel
  • Strengthtened ceramic coating.
  • Quadruple glazing satinovo/float
  • Multipoint lock AV3 with automatic locking
  • T bar handle, according to the model
  • Interior door handle: rosette Inox
  • Hidden hinges
  • Door opening inward
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