Alu Roto

Real support for gravity ventilation.

The ALUroto rotating fireplace combines the durability and aesthetics of an aluminum fireplace with the advantages of rotating cowls.

Variants available

Spherical base
The spherical rotating head allows for more effective removal of used air, while the spherical shape makes serial installation difficult.

Longitudinal base
The elongated shape of the rotating head allows for serial assembly of sockets.


Product Features

The rotating base creates negative pressure, increasing the draft in the ventilation duct and reducing the occurrence of the so-called reverse thrust. It is available in spherical and oblong variants.

Ball bearing – the turbine is mounted on a special bearing and filled with high-quality oil with high thermal resistance.

High-quality varnish resistant to weather conditions and UV rays ensures long and maintenance-free use. Colors matched the original ceramic roof tiles, also in terms of structure.

Condensate drainage system to prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the fireplace.

The exhaust pipe inserted perpendicularly into the roof enables easy connection of the fireplace with the ventilation duct.

System accessories product is compatible with accessories such as Kronoflex connection pipes and condensate condensers.