Foam pieces for retrofit insulation of metal seals
ISO-PROFIL FILLER PIECES are custom-fit moulded foam pieces made of high-quality polyethylene which are mainly used for the closing and insulation of retrofit trapezoidal sheet seams. They are available in an optimum fit for a wide range of profile sheet types manufactured by European manufacturers.



The optimum product version for every requirement

  • exact fit for every trapezoidal sheet
  • fine cells with a consistently smooth surface
  • permanently elastic as well as having high-form stability
  • environmentally friendly – chemically neutral
  • UV-resistant version with aluminium lamination available
  • product variant with venting seam available
  • available in fire protection class B2
  • available in a two-colored version
  • high product quality, regularly monitored
  • complies with the IFBS technical rules for lightweight metal construction


Custom-fit sealing of seams in lightweight steel structures
ISO-PROFIL FILLER PIECES are used for the reliable and permanent sealing of seams in installed trapezoidal sheets. The foam pieces can be retrofitted easily and exactly.

Foam and mineral fiber pieces for partitions and firewalls
ISO-PROFILE FILLER PIECES are used in metal and trapezoidal sheet structures. They have been specially designed for the installation of partitions as well as in roof and façade applications. Increased fire protection requirements are met by two non-flammable product variants made of mineral fiber which are suitable for use with firewalls.