The innovative special foil with the variable sd-value
ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD has unusual properties. The innovative window connection foil adapts to the seasonal temperature and vapour diffusion gradients which occur from the inside outwards or the outside inwards. Thus ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD belongs to a completely new generation of foils that guarantees dry joints all year round, banning mould from the connection joint and sealing the joint in an energy-saving manner.



High installation safety, low energy costs

  • complies with the recommendations of the RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Fenster und Haustüren
    (RAL quality association for windows and front doors)
  • the high drying effect of the joint thanks to a humidity-regulating functional mechanism
  • only one product for inner and outer sealing levels
  • avoids fitting errors caused by mix-ups
  • less building damage and lower health risks by avoiding mould formation in the connection joint
  • purchasing and storage cost less
  • special fleece surface, easy to plaster and glue over

* 10-Year Function Warranty*
* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)


Simpler, faster, more flexible
The fleece-laminated special foil ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD is equipped with a self-adhesive strip for fast and effective attachment to the window frame. Alternatively, the foil is available with an additional self-adhesive butyl strip for fixing the masonry.

The all-round window foil for inside and outside use
ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD plays a double role in the 3-level model of the RAL quality association for windows and front doors. Thanks to its unusual transformation ability, the window connection foil is suitable both for outdoor use as weather protection and for indoor use as an airtight layer to separate indoor and outdoor climates.