The pressure-resistant sealing strip for timber-framed constructions
ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND is an extremely pressure-resistant sealing strip that is primarily used in timber-framed buildings as a horizontal seal since it effectively prevents moisture from being transported from the mineral foundation to the ground beam.



Prevents humidity in the ground beam

  • excellent resistance to tearing
  • weather-resistant and UV-stable
  • impermeable to water vapour
  • reliable as a capillary barrier
  • stops rising humidity
  • the airtight seal of the base joint
  • bitumen-compatible
  • extremely temperature-resistant
  • flexible even at low temperatures


Consistent compensation for unevenness
The ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND can be delivered with two supplementary product components for different requirements. For one, with two impregnated foam strips for absorbing tolerances or compensating irregular masonry surfaces and for an air-tight base joint. Or with two butyl self-adhesive strips for permanent attachment.

The effective seal between timber and masonry
ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND has been specially designed for timber-framed buildings. It is used as a capillary barrier layer between the ground beam and the wall sole plate or floor slab.