ARPANEL CONTROL are high-quality sandwich panels with the Advantica ®  L Control (food safe) cladding, dedicated and safe in contact with food, also suitable for rooms with the highest purity requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical industries, IT centers, data centers, laboratories as well as cold stores and freezers .

ARPANEL CONTROL sandwich panels are an ideal solution for rooms with a controlled atmosphere, where the highest standards of sterility and hygiene must be met. In addition, it is perfect for indoor environments where easy washability, resistance to washing agents, as well as very high resistance to physical damage and scratches are required, especially in places with heavy traffic.

The use of ARPANEL CONTROL sandwich panels is primarily internal walls and ceilings of cold stores, food processing plants, food industry, cleanrooms and medical environments, such as hospital wards and crowded medical care areas.

Typical properties of the cladding of ARPANEL CONTROL sandwich panels with the Advantica ®  L Control coating Standard test
Nominal organic coating thickness:
μm 120 or 150 EN 13523-1
Corrosion resistance
Corrosion resistance – Inert salt spray (h) 500 EN 13523-8
Corrosion resistance – Humidity (h) 1500 EN 13523-26
Scratch resistance
g 4000 EN 13523-12
A volatile organic compound
A+ EN ISO 16000-9