Wall sandwich panel

ARPANEL SU PIR wall sandwich panels – hidden fastening system

ARPANEL SU PIR wall sandwich panels with a hidden fastening system have very good insulation, thermal and acoustic parameters. The panels are installed using connectors and system pressure dividers at the panel connection, thanks to which the fastenings are invisible, which improves the aesthetic value of the façade. A high level of tightness is achieved thanks to a specially profiled connection of the panels, called a lock. ARPANEL SU PIR sandwich panels are an ideal solution for cladding walls in a vertical and horizontal arrangement. They are perfect for industrial facilities, production and storage halls, shopping malls, logistics centers and car showrooms.

Thickness [mm] 60 80 100 120
Fastening system hidden
Insulating core PIR polyisocyanurate foam
Plate width [mm] 1000
Available lengths [m] 2 – 18.5
Lining thickness [mm] external 0.5-0.7 / internal 0.4-0.7
Core density [kg/m³] 40 ± 3
Weight [kg/m²] 10.8 11.6 12.4 13.2
Heat transfer coefficient Ud,S = W/[m² x K] 0.40 0.29 0.23 0.19
Fire resistance:
according to PN-B-02867 NRO
according to PN-EN 13501-1 B- s1,d0
according to PN-EN 13501-2 PRIMARY NPD NPD E 30/ EI 20 / EW 30 E 30/ EI 30 / EW 30
according to PN-EN 13501-1 LEVEL NPD NPD E 30/ EI 20 / EW 30 E 30/ EI 20 / EW 30
according to PN-EN 13501-5 not applicable
Specific acoustic insulation [Rw(C,Ctr) dB] 25 (-2;-4)
Sound absorption coefficient [αw] 0.15