Polycarbonate multi-wall sheets UV-protected

Due to their versatility and simplicity in assembling, Akratherm sheets are the easiest solution in the field of industrial building, as well as in DIY applications. The sheets are available in thicknesses from 4 to 32 mm and they are suitable for big surface roofing and glazing in industrial buildings, as in conservatories and sports sites, skylights, projecting roofs and small roofs in home applications.
The sheets may be cold curved and due to the cellular structure high load bearing capability is given. Special profiles in polycarbonate or in aluminum grant resistant lateral junctions, while a wide choice of gaskets and fixing accessories completes the system for every kind of application.



Elements of the system

Sheets extruded in multi-wall polycarbonate with UV-protected external side

  • thickness: from 4 to 32 mm
  • colours: clear, opaline, others on request

Profiles in polycarbonate

  • H-profiles for junction
  • U-profiles for border end

Profiles in aluminium

  • junction profiles with a gasket in EPDM
  • U-profiles for border end

Accessories for sealing the hollow chambers and fixing

Applications and use

  • Translucent walls (inside and outside)
  • Glazing of windows and sheds
  • Flat roofs / pitched roofs
  • Vaulted roofs
  • Translucent pendant ceilings


  • Transparency
  • Impact strength
  • Durability
  • Thermal insulation
  • Lightness
  • Cold bending during installation
  • Lateral junction with special profiles in polycarbonate or aluminium
  • Fire certification