Tongue-groove elements in multi-wall polycarbonate UV-protected

Akrapan is a glazing panel for external applications wherever high thermal insulation, big span width and easy fixing are required.
The system is composed of a wide choice of panels with lateral tongue and groove joints in multi-wall polycarbonate and accessories for fixing the structure.
No junction profiles are needed, producing thus an aesthetically uniform surface, making Akrapan particularly suitable for vertical and inclined external cladding, as for internal partition walls, in industrial and commercial buildings and sports sites.


Elements of the system

Panels extruded in multi-wall polycarbonate with reinforced UV-protected external side

  • thickness: from 16 to 60 mm
  • Modular width: 500 mm
  • length of size, up to transportation limit
  • Colours: clear, opaline, others on request
  • sealed hollow chambers

Frame profiles in natural anodised aluminium

EPDM gaskets and PE inlays

Window frames in natural anodized aluminium

  • produced on size
  • with manual or motorized opening

Applications and use

  • Vertical glazing and translucent walls (external and internal)
  • Light strips in industrial buildings
  • Sheds
  • Continuous translucent suspended roofs